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spices-and-herbs-1024x682My name is Lorena and I love pasta!  Finding one that is healthy and tastes even remotely good was the challenge when I decided to make pasta.  I did some research and asked for input from many people including my Italian friends/family.    I must say it is a very challenging thing….making pasta.  It’s more difficult than people think but I love seeing the reaction on my customer’s faces when they taste my pasta.  It is very satisfying and frankly the reason I do it.    So, with heartfelt thanks to all my customers who purchase, experience, experiment and just enjoy my pasta…Thank you very much.  I appreciate you more than you know.  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be living my dream.

A little about me…..I started learning how to cook and was interested about the age of 4.  My nana knew a lot about cooking and chile peppers and I learned watching her cook and helping her out.  I learned more about food when I developed food allergies and started researching what was in the food we eat and what can cause problems because of the toxic preservatives, salt and all the bad things in food that create auto-immune diseases that we are faced with these days.

My previous business was a southwestern food business where I had 126 different products ranging from salsas to hot sauces, dips and much more.  I had won a 2006  International Championship with a salsa that I had made as a tribute to my nana.  I tried to get it as close as possible to one she used to make for me.  My nana didn’t cook from recipes she just threw in a pinch of this and a handful of that.  Its challenging at best but I love it.     Thank you very much.

Some of my favorite websites:

The SalsaKing Fine Southwestern Foods

This is the salsa business I told you about that I owned.  I sold it but all of my creations are there.  That International Championship Salsa is the Flaming Green Garlic Passion and the Chipotle Black Bean and Corn is really nice too.  Tell Arthur that Lorena sent you.

Twisted Wire Designs by Debbie Williams.  I see a lot of jewelry at the shows that I do but I’ve never seen anything like her work.  It’s elegant, beautiful and unique.  I love it! Jane and Lana do a great job with their seasonings.  I love the mesquite.

German Roasted Nuts  Steve and Kim have Blue Ribbon nuts.  Check out why they do.

Check out Margaret at Best In Gift Baskets  Unique baskets for any occassion.

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